The CentriClean App.
Connects and controls SCU 0003 control units with all MP Centrifugal Oil Separators

CentriClean links to the Bluetooth enabled SCU 0003 control unit allowing users to connect to multiple MP Centrifugal Oil Separators.

The MP range of Centrifugal Oil Separators are unique. They are the only centrifuge of their sizes (090, 200, 400 and 600) that have external monitoring and when fitted with the Bluetooth® enabled SCU 0003 data can also be accessed remotely allowing for easy access to set alarm speed, check for servicing requirements, operational status and more.

Download CentriClean for IOS and Android

Connect to the SCU 0003 using CentriClean on your phone or tablet and you can…

Set speed

The Set speed option is used after cleaning the centrifuge and reassembling it. This ensures the control panel notifies the operator when the centrifuge requires cleaning at its optimum performance.

Servicing requirements

Servicing the centrifuge is very easy and simple. A few standard tools, change of paper and mesh and the centrifuge is ready to be reassembled and placed into operation.

Operating status

The status of the centrifuges can be monitored at any time without the need to open the cover assembly. This allows operators to view separator run hours and plan for cleaning cycles, taking the guesswork out of the process – and saving man hours.

Log Data

The operator can collate information with the data logging functionality, which allows vital information to be stored and shared between engineers at the touch of a button.

Link to mutiple units

The SCU0003 has been designed to allow the operator to connect to multiple units in range and check the current status and performance of the centrifuge.

Order spare parts

With the potential of human error and incorrect part numbers, the risk of ordering incorrect spares is now a thing of the past.  We have ensured the process of ordering spare parts is fast, easy and with minimal effort, all at the touch of a button.

Download CentriClean for IOS and Android

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